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ttm2SP WS-Config Excel This is a special configuration for each workstation and an executable file. Call $$$
ttm2SP SVR-Config Excel This is a special configuration for the server to maximize throughput  
ttm2SP HdwUpgrade Excel

This is a review of hardware upgrades that might speed your system.

ttm2SP ExcessFiles Excel This removes unneeded files to optimize performance  
ttm2SP FilePurge Excel

This is a procedure to optimize the file contents to get quickest program response time

ttm2SP Srv-Problems Excel This is a troubleshooting guide on how to determine if your server has hidden problems  
ttm2SP WS-Problems Excel This is a troubleshooting guide on how to determine if your server has hidden problems  
ttm2SP NTW-Problems Excel This is a troubleshooting guide on how to determine if your server has hidden problems  
ttm2SP SpywareRemoval Excel This includes spyware and anti-virus software and implementation instructions  
ttm2SP SpeedReports Excel

Many of Cougar Mtn's reports build work files, this productivity tool by-passes this, runs long reports on your local hard drive or from a temporarily purged files

ttm2SY KB-Macro Excel This productivity tool is a software program that runs in the background that automates any number of keystrokes.   $ 80
ttm2HW ProgKB Excel This is programmable keyboard that lets you program the extra keys to speed up the order entry process. $180
ttm2SY ShortCutKeys Excel Excel Excel Excel    

More Related Products

ttm2PR UDFtm Unleash Cougar's power by using their User-defined fields.  Store the info you need quickly & easily in an Excel-like format.     This subsystem will be customized to each user's need.      Cost: $150  (includes the ability to update UDF's for all modules)
ttm2PR EnhLookuptm Add, change, remove fields from your Cougar Lookups.    Any info in the same file (eg. department, last ck date, etc.) to your F5 lookups.    Cost:  $150 (for the do-it-yourself tool, or $50-90 per lookup screen changed if we do it for you -- this handles all modules)
ttm2PR Macros-KBtm Automate input, skip over unused fields, wait for input and much more.  Its easy to use and    Cost: $249 of the software including 90 days of support -- additional WS licenses $60 each

Convert your Cougar Mtn reports into Excel.  The basic product is comprised of 2 programs to get Cougar Mountain reports into Excel. This is comprised of a program that converts Cougar's output to a PDF file. A second program, converts the PDF output to an Excel file including a parsing routine that empowers the user with the ability to adjust columns precisely. Included in this package is Cougar Mountain specific documentation and 90 days of technical support.   Cost: $199

ttm2PR CheckStktm Order your check stock, w-2envelopes, business windows envelopes, invoices and other printed items from a Cougar Mtn user in Calif. 
General Printing Impressions   714 730-9061
ttm2Emailtm Email your P.O. directly out of Cougar to your vendor,   Cost: $89-site license
ttm2PR ErrorFixingtm Fix input and system error procedures.   Both a step by step approach and an overview of how the system works.    Cost: $155
ttm2PR Closing+tm This a procedure covering preparation & the actual closing procedures for monthly/quarterly/yearend closing for this module.  Includes step by step and an overall schedule.    This covers both software and generally accepted accounting procedures.   Never miss a step again.   Cost:  $110

email us at  //  phone (714) 228-5444.

(We are not in Boise, we take their excellent product and make it better.   We offer software products, enhanced reports, services, training and hardware that maximize the value out of this powerful accounting program.  We have been customizing solutions for Cougar Mountain since 1990.  We are located in California.


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Accounts Payable Module
Accounts Receivable Module
Bank Reconciliation Module
eMailing from Cougar
Excel integration

General Ledger  Module
Inventory incl. MRP      
Job Costing Module
Order Entry Module              
Payroll Module                   
Purchase Order Module            
Point of Sale Module   
Backing Up Tools
Credit Card SW
          & Merchant Accts
Credit & Collection Tools
Contact Mgt (CRM)
Data Exchg (import/export)
eCommerce Interface
           or Shopping Cart

Bar Coding Options
Fixed Assets
Fund Accounting
Forms for Cougar              
Faxing out of Cougar
Graphing for Cougar
Human Resource Tools Hardware-Computers, etc.
Internal Control Tools
Kit (Office Templates)
Lookups Enhancement
Lists (Business Lists)
Management Tools
Networking Issues
Speeding Things UP
Reporting Enhanced & Custom     
Security Tools
Shipping Tools                  
Sales Management Tools        
System Tools                    
Training Options                
Troubleshooting Tools      
Tax Tools (income & Sales Tax)
Wireless Tools









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Table of Contents

Table of Contents